The 8 Best Nutrition Books of 2021, According to a Dietitian

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While there are multiple sources through which you can read books online free, it can always get tedious at times to find the right fit. So, whether you are looking out for useful tips or learn more about nutrition, we have got you covered. This article is solely dedicated to offering you the right assistance you need.

Top 8 Nutrition Books to Read in 2021

  1. How To Be Well (Best Overall)

This book serves as a simplified manual focusing on lifelong vitality and nutrition. Written by Dr. Frank Lipman, this book has 6 keys to a Happy and Healthy Life. This book brings with itself actionable advice that will improve your overall health and strength. With its key focus on everyday well-being, this book covers the best practices one should follow in terms of nutrition, sleep, everyday toxins, movement, stress management. This guide has 100 easy steps that will help you improve your life as a whole. The contents include topics like “Compose the Perfect Plate”, “How to Ditch Sugar”, and many more. The mini-chapters are educational and the book is a good read.

2) How Not To Die (For the Science-Lovers)

Dr.Greger has put forward a very attention-grabbing title. In this book, he has outlined the factors relating to a lifestyle that affects your lifestyle and brings it closer to causes of death. He has put together the “daily dozen”, which is a list of exercise and foods when combined will address and treat the symptoms of your sickness. He has also mentioned the uses of flaxseeds, berries, and beans, to name a few. This book does not beat around the bush claiming to boost one’s longevity. Dr.Greger has backed his contents with scientifically proven facts and advice related to nutrition. Scientific research has been presented in a comprehensive and easy to read manner.

3) In Defense of Food (Best Food Politics)

Popular journalist Michael Pollan has portrayed his concerns regarding America’s obsession with food. He says that as a nation, worrying more and more about food only makes you less healthy. With his seven-word maxim “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.”, Pollan has brought attention to people’s habits of choosing a single form of nutrition over a complete platter of nutrients. His book focuses on “nutritionism” and ways to ditch the Western Diet. He aims at inspiring people to be done with packaged goods.

4) Little Foodie (For Toddlers and Babies)

This is where the scenario gets tricky- choosing nothing but the best for your babies or toddlers. In her book, Little Foodie, Michele Olivier has clubbed valuable suggestions and tools that will help you in nourishing your child’s brain and body. Blogger Michele Olivier has made her book more than just a cookbook. With over 100 healthy recipes, Little Foodie has in-depth descriptions for putting in the right ingredients and how it helps the body. Thus, it ranks in the list of best nutrition books.

5) Fortify Your Life (Best for Supplements)

If you want to learn more and more about supplements and how they are likely to regulate your health, Fortify Your Life by Tieraona Low Dog is one of the best nutrition books for you. As a consumer, you are likely to get stuck up with the claims random sources make regarding health and nutrition. In her book, Dr. Low Dog carefully explains how each supplement may or may not benefit you. This book walks you through the vitamins and minerals, and the nutritional deficiencies that are common in our daily lives.

6) The Clean Plate (Best Cookbook)

The Clean Plate: Eat, Reset, Heal by Gwyneth Paltrow comes with nutritional tips and healthy recipes for a healthy life. This cookbook puts a key focus on straightforward and flexible recipes with a dash of flavor and ingredients. This is an informative book covering specific meal diets that are concerned with adrenal support, candida, and heart health. Paltrow has also included vegan recipes like Butternut Squash Tacos and also recipes like Chicken Broccolini and Chia Pudding.

7) Dressing on the Side (Easy-to-Read)

Reading nutritional books can be a challenging task especially if you are not a reader. Thus, Dressing on the Side by Jaclyn London brings an informative, fun, and entertaining angle to nutrition books. This funny and conversational book has chapters starting with bullet points which is described in detail throughout the chapters. It talks about willpower, time management, and traveling. You will get pro-tips and many strategies that will help you in bringing about good changes in your lifestyle.

8) Unsavory Truth (Focused on Food Industry)

Marion Nestle in her book Unsavory Truth has set out to decode the manipulation of the food industry. It digs deeper into the ethical aspects and the moral of food marketing. Nestle has pointed out the beverages that are sugar-sweetened as an example of studies that are funded by the industry. This book is perfect for people interested in the manipulations and policies of food science. This text also points out how companies are profit-oriented over consumer’s health.

Books are one of the most versatile ways in which you can grasp the proper concepts of nutrition. Neither less to say, there are numerous recommendations you can also find at Readinshort.

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